Each of our housings is made of a high quality aluminum alloy for maximum stability and protection. All housing parts are individually milled from a single aluminum block on the most modern CNC machines, because this is the only way to achieve the required precision that is necessary for perfect watertightness.

The watertightness of each individual housing is verified by a complex test in the pressure chamber before delivery.

The extremely sturdy case protects your valuable camera from water and the hardest knocks. And that, depending on the model, up to a diving depth of 250m.

Thanks to the optimal heat dissipation of the aluminum housing, your camera is safe from fogging up on the front lens – a clear view without desiccant!

Each of our housings features two 1/4 ″ tripod threads on the bottom for easy and safe mounting.

Each housing is protected from the adversities of salt water by an easily replaceable zinc sacrificial anode. The task of the anode is to protect the aluminum of the housing from corrosion in the event of any damage to the hard anodized material.

This also enables us to use stainless steel as the material for all screws and the pushers.

Clever solutions for attaching filters and lenses make handling easier and improve your recordings underwater.

Thanks to the magnets embedded in the front glass for the optional magnetic filter system and the magnetic filter frame with macro lens, filters and lenses can be changed in seconds.

In the Dome1 housing for the Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch, the filter and lens are fully integrated and can be operated from the rear using sliders.

If it can be a bit bigger (but not heavier under water) and you want to take outstanding pictures and videos, the Insta360 ONE R 1-Inch in connection with our Dome1 housing is the perfect choice.

This combination enables under water recordings, for which a multiple investment would with DSLR cameras and extremely expensive housings otherwise have to be made.

Most of our housings include a matching neoprene protective bag.

Your case is quickly and perfectly protected.

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